Vodafone: Best Smartphone Rates in March 2018

Vodafone presents its new promotional tariff for smartphones with calls, SMS and data plan included. The offers are interesting and have many advantages and related options included.

Vodafone offers offers for all tastes and for every age group, from the youngest to the youngest, meeting also for the month of March 2018 the needs of a large public consumer.

For this period the operator has in store attractive offers and rates that include not only calls to Italy and abroad but also interesting bundles of SMS and Giga to be exploited in full freedom on Vodafone network at the speed of 4G.

Vodafone: Phone fares for all smartphones

The red operator today grants a rich Happy Friday celebrating the anniversary of the women’s Day with a days delay. But do not worry, the manager has in store additional offers equally interesting for all users. Especially the Smart, Red and Pro promotions that we will take into consideration in detail.

Vodafone Smart

With Vodafone Smart we will have at our disposal 500 minutes of calls to all without a click to reply, 100 SMS to all national mobile phone numbers and 2GB of high speed 4g data traffic. In addition, only for this period, the manager also grants the free Pass and Social option to navigate without consuming the gigas of your promotion. All in promotion to €10 every 4 weeks instead of €12 for payment with debit on credit card or bank account.

Vodafone Pro

The Vodafone Pro promotional campaign, on the other hand, allows you to have a richer bundle from the point of view of the calls and the SMS and the Giga 4G. In this case we will have 1,000 minutes to all (fixed and mobile), 1,000 SMS messages and 5GB of data traffic always in 4g at no extra cost. Included in the price we will also find Vodafone Pass & social to chat and surf the social without limits and without deadlines. The cost of the promo is on offer at only €15 every 4 weeks instead of €20 as originally planned.

Vodafone RED

Vodafone RED closes the circle on what are the Universal Basic offers proposed by the carrier and provides not only unlimited minutes to all without a click to the answer but also 1,000 minutes to international numbers that add up to an SMS plan Unlimited and a data bundle of 10GB in 4g LTE with HotSpot service included.

In this case it is not necessary to adhere to Vodafone exclusive and we can use the GB of our offer to chat, surf and watch videos on other devices such as TV, tablets and notebooks without additional expenses. As with other offers the promo provides the service included Pass & Social to navigate without consuming Giga. The total cost of the offer is €25 every 4 weeks for payment by credit card or C/C.

We recall that the costs of the offer will adjust soon to the new regulations in force for the law 172/2017 and foresee an increase of 8.6% in renewal with consequent rise of traffic thresholds for calls, SMS and also Internet traffic keeping The annual expenditure is unchanged.

Vodafone Shake Remix

Shake Remix is addressed to the under 30 and in general to all millennial who can not give up a rich bundle of data to browse online, see social networks and enjoy streaming broadcasts and direct videos.

Thanks to this new promotion Vodafone we will be sure to have only available what we are looking for. In fact it will be possible to personalize your offer according to your needs. We could choose to have more GB or maybe a wider range of minutes for calls and SMS. In this case we can reduce waste to zero and count on offers tailored to us, not to mention the fact that we can change our mix at every renewal.

For example it will be possible to have 100 minutes, 100 SMS and 1GB at only €7 with service Tidal Premium and Vodafone TV included without additional costs, or choose a plan with minutes and SMS Unlimited and 20GB at a cost of €25.50 every 4 weeks while remaining the services Premium above included. The offer is highly customizable and suitable for all our specific requests. You can access the offer directly from MyVodafone app for Android and IOS mobile devices.

Vodafone Junior

For the little ones the operator offers the standard Junior rate which provides 100 minutes of calls, 50 SMS and 4GB of data traffic 4g to surf at maximum speed to only €9 every 4 weeks.

For further details and conditions please refer to the operator’s official website where you will get support for managing the SIM and active offers on your smartphone. Come back to see us for more promotions.