Samsung Claimed that LG is not a Valid Opponent

Samsung very much fears Apple, always. The two companies contend many primates and many are the disputes and clashes in court. LG, on the other hand, is underestimated by Samsung, indeed, is not minimally taken into account. This is the weak link.

Samsung no longer considers LG one of its competitors in the mobile industry, according to the comments of a company spokesman during the MWC 2018. He was explaining that the latest Samsung smartphones have less app preinstalled than LG. The same representative stated: “We do not see them as our competitors, but I meant Apple”.

Samsung and Apple have an interesting relationship. In some cases, they met in court, with legal action by the way, for patent infringement. While in other cases, promotional videos have been made public to minimize the products, features and services offered on the other. However, this is often seen as a clash between Android and IOS, it is not just a situation Samsung and Apple.

On the contrary, regarding the Android brand, it has always been speculated that Samsung was fighting to maintain its position as a dominant Android smartphone manufacturer. In this area, as time goes by, LG’s ability to compete with Samsung has diminished. The mobile division of the company struggles to keep up.

According to IDC’s data highlighted by the end of 2017, Samsung has occupied a global market share for smartphones of 21.6%, with Apple in second place with 14.7%. The data remained substantially unchanged from the previous year, with the two companies having a market share of 21.1% and 14.6%, respectively. This is contrary to LG which no longer registers itself as an independent entity in the IDC list since the figures of the South Korean writer are now buried within “others”.

With Samsung and Apple’s joint market share for 2017 (36.3%) only barely changing compared to 2016 (35.7%), the drop in LG in the market did not come from Samsung or Apple. Instead, it would seem that the biggest problem of LG is the rise of Chinese producers (such as Huawei, OPPO and Xiao). One aspect that LG itself has detected when it announced its financial results for 2017.

LG minimized by Samsung that does not fear it absolutely

LG in 2013, was recognized by the IDC as a direct competitor – with its 4.8% that placed the company in fourth place, behind Samsung, Apple and Huawei. For a further comparison, in the same year, Huawei’s market share stood at 4.9%, representing a 0.1% market share compared to LG. Even more revealing was the change that was taking effect up to that point. Since the figures for the market share of 2012 showed that Huawei recorded 4% and LG at 3.6%. Therefore, during the twelve months between 2012 and 2013, LG has actually closed the gap on Huawei by 0.4 percent up to only 0.1 percent.

The result is a year-over-year variation for LG and despite Huawei sees a year-over-year increase in market share of almost 1%. While LG was relegated to the “other” field, Huawei managed to maintain its third position with a market share of 10.4%. A little over a year and at the end of 2014, the image was very different for LG. The company was no longer recognized among the top 5 vendors with Lenovo and Xiao’s that completed the list. Since then, he has struggled to regain the traction of the market he saw until 2014. Although the market has become more accessible, with Samsung and Apple they have seen their market share diminish.

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