The Smartphone’s Day: Futuristic Technologies are Knocking at the Door

Smartphones have the days counted. In a short time they will be obsolete and will be replaced by revolutionary technologies. According to the media, although for the next ten years people will not be able to give up the use of his favorite gadgets, one day the smartphone “will die”, just as the fax is already a thing of a distant past.

Entrepreneurs and technology companies such as Elon Musk, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and several ambitious start-ups have already started to lay the groundwork for what has been called “the ultimate destruction of smartphones”. And innovations that could replace our iPhone, Samsung and Nokia will be very similar to science-fiction technologies.
Virtual Assistants

Personal assistants like Bixby, already allow us to control all the functions with the voice. The company south has positioned itself as a pioneer of technologies and devices that can be managed with words. According to experts, the next devices will be completely new concepts of human interaction with the technological world.

IPhone X has focused on the introduction of augmented reality in our daily lives. It is not a distant future: all these global changes, more and more perfected, will arrive in the next two years. Because Amazon Echo, Sony PlayStation VR and Apple Watch have a fair success, experts expect these devices to combine together into one interconnected technology ecosystem.

Augmented reality

Microsoft, Facebook, Google are developing augmented reality series. These new technologies will be able to project detailed 3d images directly to our eyes. According to some rumors, even the giant of Cupertino would be working on this same product.

Digital Vision

In the near future, augmented reality will replace the smartphone, television and all other devices with a single screen. And this seems more than logical: Why do we need a device in my pocket if all calls, chats, movies and games can be projected directly into our eyes without distorting reality?


Devices like Amazon Echo and Apple’s AirPods are becoming increasingly popular and necessary in the modern world. In this way, since intelligent artificial systems such as Siri (Apple), Alexa (Amazon), Bixby (Samsung) and Corta (Microsoft) will become even more intelligent, users will use audio data, integrated with video projected over the eyes.


Recently, Elon Musk has inaugurated its new company Neuralink, which will be responsible for the development of a ‘ neural interface ‘, through which users can exchange opinions. The device, according to Musk, will be ready in ten years.

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