WhatsApp: Here are 5 Hidden Functions and Methods that Everyone Should Use

The world of WhatsApp is much bigger than you think. Here are some of the less known functions and methods that you should all use.

All the people who own a smartphone nowadays, know that there is a circle of apps to download almost obligatorily. To do this, each operating system makes available a market with lots of games and applications.

Among the various apps to download, the first ever is of course WhatsApp, application famous all over the world and of which everyone knows now the main functions. But certainly there are many users who do not know some of the most incredible hidden functions ever. Precisely for this reason we are here with the aim of illustrating 5 of them that could certainly serve you in the future.

1. Send messages to unsaved numbers in Address book you can, here’s how

To do this you will need a third party application that you can download from the Google Play Store. This is WhatsDirect – Tool for WhatsApp. Once downloaded, simply enter the telephone number of the unknown person, preceded by the national prefix. Then you write the message and you will see that the initiated conversation will appear in WhatsApp.

2. View the messages in chat without updating the display time

To do this will suffice a single and only really very simple passage but not everyone thinks. When you receive a message you need to read but don’t want to show others that you have just entered, the process is very easy.

Once you get the message you want to read before you do so, disconnect all internet connections. Then enter the app and read the message quietly. Then exit, and reactivate all connections. You will not have left any trace.

3. Deleting messages already sent in WhatsApp

This is a new feature recently arrived on the note app. If you have sent a message by mistake, or you may have regretted it, you can cancel it within 7 minutes of sending and as long as the recipient has not already read it.

Simply hold down the message and choose “Delete for all”. However, the recipient will be able to know that you have deleted a message by the wording in the sticker that says: “The user has deleted this message”.

4. Secure the most important conversations at the top

If you have favorite contacts with which you often message, do not let these scroll down in the chat list. them at the top simply by holding down on the chosen chat and choose the tack symbol at the top of the menu. From now on you will have that conversation always in the first place in the chat list.

5. Do you want to know the exact moment in which a contact enters online? Here’s how to do

To do this there is WhatDog, an application that will send you a notification when a contact you choose accesses WhatsApp. To allow all this, after installing the app from the Play Store, open it and choose the contact you want to know all the movements. You will see that there will be no access that you won’t know.

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