WhatsApp: New Hidden Tricks and Methods that Many Users May Not Know

Even today we propose some of the hidden tricks and methods that WhatsApp allows users. Many of you may not know them all the way down.

As many well know, the most famous and most popular app in the world is definitely WhatsApp. This fantastic application has made it so that the old SMS disappear from the radar, without these being taken into account even in the promo of the various managers.

There are many functions that WhatsApp offers, but at the same time there are many that many do not know. We are in fact here today to show you some method or some trick that you may have missed in the past.

Lock the app with password or imprint from the basic settings

This is one of the most comfortable solutions if you do not want someone to enter your WhatsApp, impicciandosi your business. The comfort is also guaranteed by the fact that you do not have to resort to third-party apps, since everything is feasible through the settings of the phone itself.

All you have to do is go to the “Manage Phone” item by choosing the APP block field later. This is done, you will have all the applications of the smartphone that you can then block. Of course, choose WhatsApp, protecting with imprint and password.

This feature is available every smartphone with Android system. But beware: the menu may change depending on the brand of your smartphone.

Deleting messages after sending them

This fantastic feature was introduced a few days ago, so many users are still in the dark. The whole thing is extremely simple, since the function has been several times anticipated.

In case you send a message to a wrong person, you can delete it without the latter being able to read it. Obviously the conditions persist: You can cancel the message within and not more than 7 minutes of time and especially as long as the recipient has not already read it. In spite of this, this will notice that you have deleted it by the wording that you can see in the picture above.

Know the precise moment in which a contact accesses WhatsApp

No, we’re not talking about just checking the last access. In fact we refer to the exact moment when a person enters online. To do this there is the now known app WhatDog, which will allow us to completely trace the movements on WhatsApp of a designated person.

Through this app we can select a contact and at any time of the day, as well as having the known closed messaging app, we will be able to receive a notification at the exact moment in which it enters online.

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